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Our exhaust fans are very popular in the Middle East market, Southeast Asian market and South American market. We have exhaust fans in various installation methods, such as walls, ceilings, pipes, glass, etc. The prices are also very advantageous. Welcome to contact us.

We will provide professional answers to your questions about exhaust fans. Ardent factory has ten years of experience in exhaust fan production. Become one of the best manufacturers of exhaust fans in the world and become one of the well-known brands of exhaust fans in the world.

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Our company has a variety of exhaust fan styles, ceiling, wall, glass and other installation methods. If you have any questions, please contact us.
We have been committed to becoming the best exhaust fan factory and giving distributors the best prices and best quality.


Why choose our company?

At Ardent, we take pride in being your trusted source for premium exhaust fans. With a commitment to excellence, our advantages lie in delivering high-performance ventilation solutions. We offer a diverse range of exhaust fan models that excel in efficiency, low noise operation, and energy savings. Our fans are not only durable but also designed for easy installation. Ardent stands out for its application versatility, serving industries from commercial kitchens and industrial facilities to residential homes. We prioritize air quality, offering a range of products that cater to diverse needs. With Ardent, you can expect products that adhere to safety standards and can be customized to meet specific project requirements. Elevate your environment, whether it's a kitchen, warehouse, or greenhouse, with Ardent's cutting-edge exhaust fans.

Main features of Exhaust Fan


Effective Ventilation

Exhaust fans excel at efficiently removing stale air, moisture, and odors from enclosed spaces, leading to improved indoor air quality.


Low Noise Level

These fans are typically designed for quiet operation, making them suitable for environments where noise is a concern, such as offices and residential areas.


Energy Efficiency

Exhaust fans often incorporate energy-saving technologies, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.


Diverse Models and Sizes

Customers can choose from a variety of models and sizes to meet specific needs and spatial requirements.



Exhaust fans are known for their durability, designed to withstand long-term use without significant wear and tear.


Versatile Applications

They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including kitchens, bathrooms, industrial settings, commercial buildings, garages, and more.

Application of exhaust fans in different industries

Plastic Mold Workshop

Our plastic mold workshop ensures precise and consistent molds by utilizing cutting-edge technology and machinery. Skilled technicians meticulously craft molds to exact client specifications, guaranteeing top quality. Additionally, our innovative design team collaborates with clients, using the latest software and industry insights to create molds aligned with market trends. This provides functional and trend-forward products, giving clients a competitive edge.

Motor Workshop

Our motor workshop integrates cutting-edge technologies for precision manufacturing and automated assembly, ensuring high-performance motors. This technological focus enhances efficiency and delivers motors surpassing industry reliability and durability standards. Additionally, we excel in customization, collaborating closely with clients to tailor motors for diverse needs, guaranteeing optimal performance across various industries.

Exhaust Fans Production Manufacturing

We operate three exhaust fan production lines, capable of producing 3000 units daily, managed by a team of 30 workers. Components are assembled using automated or manual methods, integrating motors, blades, protective covers, control panels, etc., to create finished exhaust fans. Stringent quality control measures are enforced at every stage of production to guarantee compliance with standards and specifications for each product.

Finished Exhaust Fans Testing Bench

Exhaust fans undergo rigorous functional testing, including air volume, noise levels, power, speed, and other performance metrics. This includes high voltage and ground testing, as well as motor temperature rise tests.

Packaging And Shipping

Packaging involves OEM packaging with color box and master brown box, details of artworks confirmed with clients. Shipment is arranged by the customer's freight forwarder to destinations worldwide.

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